Where we work

The Hirex Missions Currently worked in Rural communities in Ghana. We also work among urban areas shut-ins

We believe that turching people with the gospel of Christ is by getting closer with them. Therefore, Hirex Missions

International always want to live among the people learn from them and share with them. There is why we encourage you to be part of the mission trips the Lord has been leading us.

The Description of the Communities and Institutions, we serve


The Organization works in   rural communities in Ghana. Our survey has shown that 98% of the villages are yet to receive the Gospel truth. These are peasant farming, communities with low income and poorly housed.   The inhabitants are noted for idol worshipping and paganism. In fact, there is no development; no good drinking water, school in these communities. The illiteracy rate is very   high. Some of these communities are rated the poorest communities in Ghana. These villages are opportunity for Hirex Missions International to preach Christ to them and help meet their basic need. We also offer our services to devastating situations in Ghana.

 Please Note: We currently do not work out side Ghana due to lack of fund.

We Provide support for public institutions that is doing well to assist a community and has no or little support