Hirex Missions International embarks on the following programmes

* Evangelism and Missions Efforts

* Foster Care

* Community Development

* School (Hirex International School - HIS) will begin next year

* Women and Youth empowerment

                           EVANGELISM AND MISSIONS

                The organizationhas twoseperate evangelism group

 a.    Lawrence and Faustina Lamptey: They serve as local missionarries and evangelist, travelling on mission trips to teach

        and preach in ruralcongregations tohelp build the of of brethren and to exband the Kingdom of God.

b.     Hirex Missions Volunteers: This is a group of missions minded young people who have

        dedicated themselves  to serve God and humanity. They servee as volunteers for Hirex Missions International

        They travell once (August) in a year on a mission trip.


                            FOSTER CARE

        Currently,HirexMissions International  provides for

a.     nines (9) needy children: we provide school fees, clothing, and basic health care

b.     2 poor families: A monthly support is given to these families

c.     One Institution - Community Health Center: Volunteer services and onthly support is provided.


                        COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT

a.     Periodic  Clean-up exercise  is organized to clean communities, social centers and educate people about hygene.

b.     Paint or repaint important buildings - comunity liberary, Public schools, cheif palace and others.

c.     Build church meeting place, Social centers, Bus stops.

d.    Oranize community youth programmes and women empowerment programmes.